Sales Isnt Scaling


Sales Audit: Why aren't your sales growing?

What’s Inside?

If sales aren't scaling then you need to know why. To answer that question you need to audit your sales process.

There are three factors that influence sales metrics. And if you don’t have an intimate knowledge of these, then it is unlikely your sales will scale according to plan.

If your sales are in need of an audit there are some common symptoms to look out for:

What is your overall close rate?

Are deals taking longer to close than you would think?

And both contribute to the third:

Pipeline blockages - where deals get stuck at certain stages of the pipeline.

The first two are generally what cause the pipeline blockages. But there’s no need to call a plumber. All you need to do is to understand (and answer) this question:

Why aren’t you closing sales in a scalable manner?

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Sales Team

How To Scale Your Sales

There are many influencing factors. But, these are some of the most common ones that may negatively affect sales:

Sales reps are relying on emails.
If you want to land sales, then you’ve got to be prepared to do the legwork.

While emails are an effective communication tool in their own right they are still only one way communication and not the most effective for closing sales. You need to get personal. Emails are easily ignored, and a call is dramatically more effective. Simply scheduling a call turns your email into a person, and a person is more difficult to ignore. A sales rep has a greater opportunity to sell over a call than over an email.

Inappropriate qualifying

Take a look at all the deals that you have listed as qualified opportunities and ask yourself how are you assessing if they are qualified or not?

This is usually one of the well known qualifying systems, such as BANT. Now ask do you have the same information for all of these qualified deals? If the answer is no, then you are likely not qualifying all deals equally. Your team has to have a clear understanding of what is qualified and what is not.

A common challenge in overly long sales cycles is that deals are not correctly qualified and additional time is spent qualifying unidentified decision makers later on in the process.

Use the sales audit to unblock your sales pipeline:

The sales audit provides a step by step process for analysing your sales activities, diagnosing the issues and how to fix them.

If you want to increase sales, reduce sales cycles and increase close rates, its time to get intimately familiar with your sales metrics and start making changes to unlock your pipeline potential.