13 Things About Customer Success You May Not Have Known

Oct 15, 2021 11:46:34 PM | 13 Things About Customer Success You May Not Have Known

Customer Support is not just about new customers onboarding. A good customer support team is the glue that holds your business together.

When you think of the job carried out by customer success team, chances are you think of the support provided to newly joined customers who need a help getting started. However, in reality, many customer success teams deal with issues generated from other teams within the business. Here are some of the things about customer success you may not have known. 


1. Teams Who Work Their Plan

Many businesses set their sales and marketing teams a plan, for example, to generate a certain number of leads per day. However, sometimes there is no follow-up on the quality of those leads. This means that the customer success teams then have to work with these new customers to get the results they need. 


2. Setting Goals With Customers

Once a customer has signed a contract, it is vital that your customer success team monitors how well your service is helping them. This can be achieved by setting goals with your customers and working with them to ensure they are met. Without clear objectives, it will be harder to encourage renewals and assess the success of the product. 


3. Know The Success Plan

For the customer success team to do their job effectively, they need to know what constitutes success for their customers. Create a success plan that lists what customers want from your product, and how that success can be measured. This will give your team something to refer to, and also help to focus progress meetings. 


4. Identify Successful Customers

Your customer success team with be accumulating a lot of data about how well a customer is progressing and which are becoming the most successful. This data has can have a lot of potential within your company. It can be used by marketing and sales to help focus them on the results they achieve. It can also indicate which customers are more inclined to renew. 


5. Have An ‘At Risk’ List

Together with working on the successful customers, it is also important to identify those customers that are at risk of not renewing. By using customer success data, you can create an ‘at risk’ list which your team can then work on with incentives and additional support to try and aim towards those customers renewing. 


6. Compensate Customer Success Teams

Most companies will compensate their sales and marketing teams for each customer they sign, however, a number of positives can also come from compensating your customer success team. If you add compensation for each customer that renews their contract, then this will focus your team and ultimately lead to happier customers. 


7. One-Size Won’t Fit All

Although your customers may be buying the same product or service, it doesn’t mean that they will all be using it for the same purpose. Creating generic incentives or special offers will only persuade those customers that will get the most from them. To make incentives work more effectively, tailor them to the needs of the individual customer where possible. 


8. Success Takes Time

If your company has recently set up a customer success team, or you are making changes, then you need to give it time to work. These teams need to work with customers long-term before you will see the results, so it is important to give new ideas time. 


9. Give Customers Communication Options

One of the biggest issues customers have with companies is the time it takes to get help. You need to make your customer success team available in as many ways as possible. Ensure that customers know they can get help via social media, email, and any other channel you have created. 


10. Encourage Customer Advocacy

Many potential customers are now faced with increasing content by influencers that use or recommend products. There is evidence to suggest that they are often seen as reliable and trustworthy by other people, so this can be a great way to encourage new customers. The customer success team can work with some of your best customers to become advocates for your products or services, and set up an advocacy program to work with your business goals. 


11. Ask For Feedback

One thing that is often overlooked by companies is asking the customer for their opinions. Some may be afraid to get negative feedback, but this is what you need to help steer your company in the right direction. Make feedback as easy as possible so that the customer doesn’t have to spend too much time. For some customers, a personal approach by the customer success team may be just what is needed to resolve any problems.


12. Recruiting The Right People

To get the best from your customer success team, you need to have the right people from the beginning. There are certain qualities that are essential when dealing with customers in this environment, such as empathy, resilience, time management, and adaptability. If you can get the right mix within the team, then you will have more success from it. 


13. Use The Right Tools

Keeping your customers happy means ensuring that your customer success team has all the tools they need to help. Monitor what your customers typically need, and ensure that your team is able to access the tools they need to fix the problem. Customers don’t like being moved around, so if they can get a solution with the first person they interact with, it will be a huge benefit. 



By utilizing these ideas, and ensuring that your customer success team has all the tools and training they need, you can then strive for better customer relationships. You can also use all the data you collect to find customers that are a better fit for your products and will be more likely to renew when the time comes. This approach will also impact other areas of your business such as fewer complaints, more positive reviews and even new highly valuable ideas for further feature development that might take your services & products to a new level. 

Written By: Dan Wheatley